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Horrible, But Nostalgic Memories…What? | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Is there something that you can think of that the smell or taste of it would make you sick? I have to confess, I do! When I was a kid, health was a big deal in my family! Eating right, wearing comfortable shoes, getting the proper sleep, brushing your teeth & being “regular” in the bathroom were all stressed! If you weren’t up to snuff on any of these daily rituals, there was a cure waiting for ya’ with my Grandad! He would say, “I got just the thang to sweeten you up and make you feel good”! His remedy – Sal Hepatica!

In a way I guess this stuff made me stronger? At least it made me act stronger 😂 If you said you felt bad in front of my Grandad, he would make you take a dose of this stuff 🤢 So if he ever asked, “How ya’ feeling boy?” My response was always – “I’m feeling great, Grandad!”

Now I don’t know if any of you remember this stuff, but if you do, you will remember it well! It’s a phizzy, bubbly, salty Laxative that you drink… #1 you gotta Choke it down! It tastes HORRIBLE! #2 you better be near a toilet! Cause as soon as you drink it, “This is Happening” takes on a whole new meaning!!! 😵

I hated this stuff so bad, I always faked incredible health around grandad even if I felt like crap 😂 💩 He would strait up make you drink some Sal Hepatica! They finally stopped making it, which was a Great day in our family!

Tomorrow is my  26th wedding anniversary! This bottle was one of my presents from my wife! My “Sal Hepatica Stories” inspired my wife to buy me this old bottle for my collection 😊 You don’t know how much that makes me smile! She’s too cool! 😎

IF, any of you have a Sal Hepatica story of your own, please share it here on my blog or on my Facebook page. I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for reading to the end of this random story… Have a great day!


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