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Hump Day Koi Fix | Koi Tattoos? | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

I Love ❤️ Koi! If your reading this, chances are that you do too 😊 Every Wednesday (Hump Day) I try to Blog about Koi. My Blogs have covered quite a wide range of Koi topics too – Koi Varieties – from most popular to oldest, color combinations & variations, Koi meaning in other languages and cultures, Koi art, Koi legends, Koi health, Koi Food, etc., etc…

– Here’s an interesting topic that we haven’t discussed, and one thats popular to me – Koi Tattoos…

One of my favorite Koi Tattoos is a Koi Swimming upstream and morphing into a Dragon! I have thought about getting this tattoo myself. In Japanese Legend it is called, “Koi no taki-nobori” which means, “Carp Climbing the Waterfalls”.

In this ancient story, the Koi is so strong and spirited, that it swims and fights its way up through the rapids and waterfalls to become a Dragon. The Koi is a symbol of power and strength

There are so many awesome designs when it comes to a Koi Tattoo! Water, clouds, Fire 🔥 & so much more can be incorporated into the design! Your really only limited by your imagination & the skill and artistry of your Tattoo Artist… Here are a few photos I found online of Koi Tattoos that I though were nice-

So much talent went into these tattoos! A great tattooist, is an Artist!

I like color as well, but a black on skin, positive/negative design is beautiful to me.

Koi Tattoos go way back in Chinese & Japanese cultures. When I say way back, I’m talking Hundreds of years and in some cases – Thousands of years, ie; This is an ancient  art!

In any case, I thought it was a perfect topic for a ‘Koi Fix’ 😊

PS: If you have any Koi tattoos and feel like sharing a photo and/or a story – Please follow up. I would love to see and hear about your experience!

Have a Great Day! Enjoy your Koi!


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