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What Happens To My Koi If They Outlive Me? | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

A great client that has become a good friend recently asked me to help him pick out a few Koi for his new Water Garden. I helped him Design his Pond and Waterfalls last year and we built it in the Fall. Long story short – He LOVES it! He’s spent every spare, dry, bearable moment messing around out there this Winter and can’t wait until Spring when he can really set up housekeeping for the Spring/Summer/Fall season! 🙂 Now. it’s time to get some fish for his new Pond and he’s excited! We looked at quite a few Koi, & We asked each other all kinds of questions as you might imagine, the one he asked me that really touched me was “What happens to my Koi if they outlive me”?…

A domestic Koi, in average conditions can live upwards of 30 years…

He read one of my blogs, in where I mentioned the “Famous Japanese Koi”, ‘Hanako’ that lived to be over 225 years old! He realized they can be long living pets and just wanted to hear what might happen to them. 😊 Pretty neat to think about that. In Japan Koi are prized and in some cases passed down, even willed to family upon the owners death. It’s an honor.

I have been in business long enough that I have actually dealt with  this situation more than once. Most of the time the Koi stay with the Pond & the spouse and/or family carries on. But I have seen people move the fish to other Ponds, and even sell or give the fish to other people with Ponds of their own. I myself have taken many Koi in and fostered them until they could be placed in a new home.

Then I reminded him, Koi means Love! And Love will always find a way! 😊 I told told him – “Enjoy your Pond, & enjoy your Koi! They will bring you many years of Interest & enjoyment”. Words to live by…

Happy Pondering 🤔


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