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I LOVE discussing and writing about Koi! Over the last few months I have been writing my Wednesday BLOG about them, their variations, colors, rarity and so on. I look forward to my Wednesday blog so much that it’s almost something I ‘Need’ to do… A “Koi Fix” so to speak 🙂 Hence the title “Hump Day Koi Fix” – I hope you are enjoying this learning process as much as I!

Today lets look at the very popular Utsuri Koi. The Utsuri Koi or ‘Utsurimono’ is a two colored, non-metallic Koi that has a black base and white, red or yellow markings. Black is the base color and will appear throughout the entire body of the fish from head and face all the way down to the tail with the colored markings wrapping around the body. The more ‘patchwork’ the pattern, the better!

The Japanese word ‘Utsuri’ means reflections, and it perfectly describes how the black and colored markings mirror & reflect one another.

Shiro Utsuri have a black base with a white overlay pattern. Snow white patterns with a deep, lacquer black base is the recipe for a show quality Shiro Utsuri.


Hi Utsuri Koi. Black base with red or orange color patterns. To be considered high quality, the deeper Red color is preferred.


The rarest type of Utsuri is the Ki Utsuri! Patterns of yellow over a deep, black lacquer body. So beautiful!

I hope you like the Utsuri variety of Koi as much as I do! Hump day means we are over the ‘Hump’ of the week and are headed toward the weekend!

Happy Pondering!

PS: Today is D-Day – Thank a Veteran! God Bless America!

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