Carter's Water Garden

Sunday Reflections…

Another beautiful Sunrise this morning! I LOVE Sundays! We all got up early and had breakfast, then it was outside we go πŸ™‚ It feels so good to be planting and cultivating again!

The soil is dry enough now to easily work with a rake to make a good seedbed for our Turnip seeds.

This morning while we were poking around in the garden, we finally had dry enough soil to rake out a seedbed and sow some turnip greens! I usually plant my first greens in late February but it has been so wet…

Turnip seeds are very small and easy to sow. They have been a staple in my diet my whole life.

If your gonna grow some for the greens, try a variety called ‘Seven Top’ . I think they are the best! These don’t grow a turnip root though… Just the best greens!

I would help my grandma plant and pick her turnips as a boy. She always said eating Turnips was the secret to her health. She lived well into her late 90’s too… She ate Turnips most everyday! Now, I do too πŸ™‚ Also now I know that they go way back in history too – all the way back to ancient Greece! They have been a staple with almost ALL civilized people throughout history… Pretty cool!

“The garden is the poor man’s apothecary.”

~ German Proverb

I love getting out with my Son and my Wife and carrying on with an old tradition!


I hope you enjoy your Sunday with your family! And your traditions πŸ™‚

Mark ~


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