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Inspiration from Thoreau…

My grandparents were instrumental in my becoming a lifelong Gardener! So many days were spent with them planting and weeding and picking and preserving… Such great memories 🙂 My grandfather played a game with me to teach me to identify trees at a distance. I knew almost every tree by the time I was 10! My whole family has a true love for nature. Our Summers were spent in the woods & around the streams & creeks of the TN River playing and fishing. I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything!

When I was around 10 years old my grandma Kay gave me a book of stories, quotes and journal entries of Henry David Thoreau & suggested that I read it. I took her advice & it really opened my eyes & made me think.

My Grandmother gave me this book when I was 10 years old. I still have it and I still reference the quotes and pictures all these years later. Thoreau really speaks to me…


I chose to become a professional Landscape & Water Feature Designer so I could do and be around what I love, nature! Reading his journal from all these years ago makes me smile. If he were alive today, he would be a daily blogger 🙂 I write a daily blog about ponds, streams & gardening – my passions! This is one of my favorite quotes from Thoreau. I feel the same way sometimes. I need to write it down in someway or it will just spill over and run to waste 🙂

“My Journal is that of me which else would spill over and run to waste, gleanings from the field which in action I reap. I must not live for it, but in it for the gods. They are my correspondent, to whom daily I send off this sheet postpaid. I am clerk in their counting-room, and at evening transfer the account from my day-book to ledger. It is as a leaf which hangs over my head in the path. I bend the twig and write my prayers on it; then letting it go, the bough springs up and shows the scrawl to heaven. As if it were not kept shut in my desk, but were as public a leaf as any in nature. It is papyrus by the riverside; it is vellum in the pastures; it is parchment on the hills. I find it everywhere as free as the leaves which troop along the lanes in autumn. The crow, the goose, the eagle carry my quill, and the wind blows the leaves as far as I go. Or, if my imagination does not soar, but gropes in slime and mud, then I write with a reed. “
    ~ Henry David Thoreau
Happy Pondering,
Mark Carter
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