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Snow Daze are FUN Days!
January 17, 2018, 3:29 pm
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You know, we don’t many bonafied snow days around here… When we do – IT’S ON! 4-wheelers, tractors and sleds, old car hoods to slide down a hill on, snow men, snow balls, snow cream, etc. etc… 🙂 We were just warming up for a minute this morning getting ready for round 2 & it started snowing again! SO, BEAUTIFUL! Then the sun came out and the snow didn’t stop – WOW! A Sun-Snow Shower 🙂 Awesome morning!
Then I got to remembering all the old sayings that the old folks used for weather. Stuff like ‘if it rains on the first, rain for 15 days…Blackberry winter, Indian Summer, etc., so I posted this thought on facebook and got so many old sayings from Facebook friends. Here are just a few old sayings – When snow stays around….”The snow is lying waiting on the next one”.  OR “the devil is smiling when its raining and the sun shines” & “The number of fogs in august = number of snows in winter”. “My grandmother always used to say that if it was raining and the Sun was shining, the devil was beating his wife”. Or one of my favorites “If snowflakes were secrets, everyone one would raise their face to listen”. And on it went 🙂
My grandmother had a saying for everything too! I’m sure she had one for when it’s snowing on a sunny day, but I can’t remember it. BUT, at least I had time to think about it today while we were playing in the snow.

She can play all day in the snow!

Ranger is ready!

Y’all have fun today! Dress warm!

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