Carter's Water Garden

Organic Gardening is easier than ever!

It’s that time again folks. Time to get your Vegetable Garden in order! And lots of people are getting on the ‘Organic’ road to Gardening.

I get so many questions about What to use and How to get started with Organics in the Garden. So here is a short and simple way to get started this Spring.

– Start with the Soil!
Get out there and clean out those weeds& grasses(mulch em’ into the Compost Pile!), crank up the tiller and break the ground. Till in some Organic Soil Amendments like – Composted Chicken Manure, Mushroom Compost & Worm Castings. If you have a Compost Pile, use your GREAT Homemade Compost for sure! A little lime will help & I always add some Epsom Salts, esp. to my Tomato beds!
By building you soil like this, you will set the stage for healthy, vigorous growth. You won’t have to apply any chemical fertilizers either.

– Feed your Plants Organically!
Start a program of feeding your plants Organically with Compost Tea and Fish Emulsions. You talk about Growth! They will blow you away! You can also side dress your plants with Composted Manure and Worm Castings. Works Great!

You can also buy Certified Organic Seeds for your Vegetables and Flowers. This makes all the difference in my opinion.

Come by the Nursery with any questions you have and we will help you. I have all these Organic Products available here at Carter’s Nursery.

If you do these few things you will be on your way to a Healthier, more Organic friendly lifestyle. You will be outside in your Garden and will reap all the benefits that your labors provide.

~Mark Carter

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