Carter's Water Garden

Water Gardening’s Huge popularity

Water, Water Everywhere …

The Hottest trend in gardening today is… you guessed it, Water Gardening. Waterfeatures are popping up everywhere and it seems everyone wants one in their garden. A Waterfeature can take many forms , it could be anything from a small water filled container with a Bubbling Fountain to a Pondless Waterfall or an Ornamental Pond with Koi Fish and a Stream with Waterfalls. The world of Aquatic Plants that you can use in your Watergarden is equally as diverse and EXCITING.
I am a Landscape/Waterfeature Designer by trade and my single biggest request is to design and install Custom Residential Watergardens. It seems that everyone wants their own personal Waterfeature . This trend has helped me coin the phrase ‘Everyone Wants a Pond , They Just Don’t Know It Yet’. All it takes to learn that you want one is ‘to see one’ .
A beautiful Waterfeature can literally transform a property and take you to another place . A properly designed Waterfeature can also increase your property value by as much as 7 to 15 % , more than any other Landscape improvement . Another good reason for their huge popularity .

If it’s worth doing , it’s worth doing right !

Like any Gardening project you undertake , you should first do some research and gather info .

– First , look around at a few Water Features and talk to some people who have one . Make some notes on your wants and needs . Identify some interesting design elements that you may incorporate into your new feature .

Go on a Pond Tour ! There’s no better way to see some awesome Watergardens and talk to actual Pond owners than on a Pond Tour ! I have been on dozens of Garden Tours and there’s none better than a good Pond Tour !

– After you have done these things , sit down and think about a Design. Gather pictures and notes from your Pond Tour and from idea books . Break out the paper and pencils and sketch out a basic idea for what you would like .The Design Process is the most important part of the whole project . If you don’t have a design that you are happy with , that will fit into and enhance your Lifestyle, don’t do it ! I can’t stress this enough. I see many Waterfeatures that went bad from lack of planning and proper design . That’s just time and money gone. My motto is ‘Do it Right the First Time’ !

– If you need fresh ideas , or need some help call a professional Landscape Designer ! When I need help and I want something done right, that’s what I do. Be choosy! Make sure your dealing with a qualified Waterfeature Specialist ( like a C.A.C. – Certified Aquascape Contractor ). Check references! Look at their work (older and more recent)! And Always get a written contract !

Location , Location , Location .

Where you put your new Waterfeature will determine how it will fit into your Lifestyle . Some want to create a private garden with a small Bubbling Fountain , some a front yard Waterfall or Pond to create beauty for passers by (curb appeal) , but most ( 90% + ) want a Backyard Pond. . .
– Bring it up as close as possible to the deck or patio to make it part of the home . That way you can hear the sound of the Waterfalls inside and you can see it from the window or nook . When you can access this Oasis any time , it literally changes your life … You start getting out there more , eating dinner and entertaining friends and family by the Water . Feeding your Fish will become your favorite daily ritual . It is mine ! My 6 yr. old son and I are out there every morning by 6am. feeding our little jewels . Most of our Fish have names now and we love them very much .
With a little education and some hard work , you too can enjoy this rewarding hobby . I hope these tips help you in your journey into the wonderful world of WATER .

Here’s to the Life Abundant!

– Mark Carter

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